The Conductor

Leading a big group of players divided into several departments is a very difficult process needs to master several sciences, but it is very necessary and a must for presenting dignified musical works in professional and high standard level. For Salem, conducting orchestra is a means of expression. He expresses his feelings and ideas through performers to audience. In spite of that great efforts he finds such non match happiness and pleasure push him to continue. He finds that once he turns to the audience see and hears their greetings, clapping and encouragement all these emotion give unspeakable impetus to communicate and keep going.

Perhaps one of the most beautiful aspects of conducting the orchestra is that it is impossible to conduct the same work the same way twice, thus giving a challenge and renew, something Salem feel it and perceives in every time involving with the orchestra and have a public waiting for them to get rich and upgrade their tastes and appreciation in this great challenge and a test, but even it is worth that and more.

The conductor exercises to some extent the role of educational or the teacher not only for the orchestra, but for a large number of listeners and viewers, and through the provision of understanding and perception of the essence of the work, which leads consequently to enrich the musical knowledge and expertise of the recipient, provide him [i.e., recipient] another opportunity to add knowledge, pictures, and possibly new methods were not available to him before, whether for several different works of one composer or multiple composers or to the work of one composer, but the one presented by several orchestras.

Salem 's desire to establish and conduct orchestras started early and perhaps the fine examples that could be mentioned in this area is the huge orchestra he founded in Baghdad- Iraq in [1992] while he was the dean of the Iraqi Institute for Tonal Studies, the name of that orchestra was [Iraqi Musical Heritage Orchestra] IMHO , perhaps it was the biggest orchestra for the heritage in the whole world.

It was made up of more than [350] - Three hundred and fifty members - of the players of instrumental and vocal performances. Salem was aware and knowing very well the antiquity, the diversity and richness of the musical heritage of Iraq because Iraq is consist of several nationalities so he put the goal of establishing this orchestra to provide examples of that musical heritage.

The [IMHO] presented one concert only on the big hall of the Babylonian stage during the activities of the Babel International Festival. [ click to see], the concert get great success [click to see] and Salem conduct while performing Oud with that orchestra [click to see].

Salem continued relationship with groups and orchestras but has evolved considerably with the Symphony Orchestra, where various construction, a variety of colors and sound and capabilities richer and more expression.
Early and since the first time he conduct the symphony orchestra and that was in Baghdad with the Iraqi National Symphony Orchestra until now with [SAKO] he feels every time that he, the orchestra and the audiences contributes altogether in making a unique experience,
taking the receiver outside the boundaries of space and time and roaming the most beautiful world of the spirit, conscience, feelings and emotions .. the world of music.


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