The Music Composer

As known, music is a means of expression and a language of worldwide effect that can express and say what normal speech cannot say or express. According to such definition, all Salem's works [instrumental or vocal] reflect the above mentioned meanings. He is one of the believers that music is not a target but a means in itself thus every musical work should have a specific human aim that the composer seeks to achieve.
Since an early age, the evidences of his abilities of composition - even long before his studying of music - have appeared, as an implications of this situation, his continuing murmurs when he is alone, trying to [tune] written texts such as classroom materials, newspapers and even the poems as he was [and still] one of the gourmets and lovers of poetry.
He was even ten when he tried to tune some famous songs he found in some books, in addition, his tries to compose pure music that is not related to words, without knowledge of any rules, theories or basis but with his nature and inner feeling.
Early, he noticed that the important side of the composition is the idea and content so he realized that every work has a soul (idea, aim, intention, message, etc.) and a body (the outer shape of the work), thus he started his study of the internal composition (which sets the soul of music as aforementioned) before studying the composition of the outer shape, the latter is the subject of studying in the specialized schools, faculties and Conservatoire
In a very limited and strict environment like that of Salem's childhood (Baghdad- Ragheba Khatoon) the materials were very limited as there were no specialized magazines and very rare books which he used to bought from his very little pocket money. Moreover, his parents were illiterate so reading and books were nothing for them, he also was unable to attend any lectures, evenings or seminars which were already very rare or non-existent.
In order to satisfy his desire and to the quest and struggle for knowledge and learning he went to the radio with a small battery [Transistor] that become his only means to appreciate and study music composition.
He sometimes was following the cultural programs in addition to some few programs which discuss the musical appreciation and studying the internal form of music.
He always, and since from the very beginnings, wanted to build and construct all his works [ instrumental or vocal ] on a solid intellectual base of theoretical knowledge and professional structural coherence with distinctive melodic as well as the availability of the feasibility of composition.


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